Composting is an essential part of every garden and helps to keep your soil healthy. There are several important factors to consider when choosing a Compost Bin, so I compared more than 75 Composter to find my favorite.

After reviewing and reading every article I could find on Compost Bins, I decided my winner is the Envirocycle Composter (link to check the current price on Amazon). Envirocycle offers an ecstatically pleasing and very high-quality product. Excellent Customer Service and Product development ensure long-lasting benefits.

I believe the essential factor when looking at Compost bins is that you’re in it for the long run. A lot of cheaper options will work great for one or two years, but won’t last much longer. Getting a high-quality Composter from the start will save you some bucks later on.


Specs and Features

  • Type: Tumbler Compost Bin
  • Made from BPA-free and food save Materials
  • Made in the USA
  • Capacity: 35 gallons or 4.68 cubic feet
  • Neat Barrel Design
  • The door has an interlocking design (seals the lid perfectly)
  • Groves on the outside for easy turning
  • Has a collecting system for compost-tea (can be placed on a balcony)
  • Build-in airflow vents
  • Composting in 6 weeks
  • Can be rolled to the garden bed


The reasons I chose Envirocycle

What sets this Compost Tumbler apart from the competition? Envirocycle has a lot going for it, but the one thing that stands out the most is customer support. They will do their absolute best to ensure you have a great time with their product. Production issues or damage from usage can always happen, but this company will make sure you are happy with your product. Merely looking at Amazon reviews shows their dedication. Envirocycle directly addressed all reports with questions or just mentions of a problem. That is customer service, how it’s supposed to be. Furthermore, if you have any uncertainties with the Composter, simply contact their Team, and they will help you out.

I appreciate their constant effort to improve the product. Not too long ago, the Tumbler came without ventilation holes, which led to moisture build-up in the drum. So they did something, I wish, I would see more often, they listened to feedback and improved their product. It now comes with build-in Air vents.

The Tumbler is easy to set up (it comes pre-assembled) and has quite a charming design. It can be used on most surfaces due to the water collecting tray. Another big advantage is the material, it’s not only BPA-free but also verified food safe. This ensures that nothing dangerous leeches into your soil, especially if you want to grow crops from the compost.


Wishes for improvements

This compost bin does a lot of great things, but still, some things could be improved. Let’s take a quick look.

It’s a bit small. Thirty-five gallons is perfect to compost kitchen scraps, some paper, and other waste materials. I wouldn’t use it for cuttings, except you want to fill it up quickly. Using both a passive compost heap and an active compost bin is the best way to go. It will help to supplement the time the passive pile needs to mature. It also gets rid of all the food waste, which would otherwise be eaten by wildlife. Another critical thing to keep in mind: The Envirocycle is a single chamber Tumbler.

This might be the biggest issue with this Composter. Due to its close-to-ground base and a rather small door, it’s best to roll the container to the place you want to use the compost. This might be quite challenging for smaller or older people. To work around this issue, you can empty the container with a small shovel. However, this does take some time.

Another issue that might arise is Water. Envirocycle recommends using 75% green and 25% brown material to avoid creating a wet mess. If you want to collect and use the compost tea, make sure you close up the drainage holes when it rains (water will still drain). Don’t block the collecting tray if you place your bin on a balcony, simply cover it to prevent rain from entering.


Other Composting tools

I advise getting a Thermometer (Link to Amazon to check price) if you want to get into composting. This tool helps you to monitor the condition of your compost. Temperature is essential to the process of composting; checking it regularly will help you to get a good idea of the compost’s health and progress.


Specific Recommendations

Cheapest Tumbler: You just want to try out a Compost Tumbler and not invest a lot of money? Then the FCMP Outdoor IM4000 will be right for you.

Static closed bin: Looking for something simple and easy to use? The Redmon 8000 Compost Bin might be just right for you. This compost bin comes with all critical features needed for good compost production, is easy to set up, and not too expensive.

Best Indoor Bokashi Composter: You just want to get rid of Kitchen waste and speed up the process? Look no further than the Abakoo Compost Bin. This compost bin will help to speed up the decay of any organic material. It blocks all smells and looks lovely in any kitchen. However, a bokashi composter will only prepare waste to be composted; another way to mature the material is necessary.

Best High-End Composter: You are looking for the best of the best? The Jora Compost Tumbler jk400 provides the most benefits for avid growers. It is entirely made out of galvanized steel and comes with two separate bins, as well as insulation. There is also a bigger version -jk400- available with a total capacity of 106 gallons.